Arabella 420

Arabella 420

Technical features
Name Arabella 420
Power (total) 3 kw
Dry weight ~120 kg
Max tonnage 300 kg
Colors various choices
Lenght 4,2 m
Width 1,46 m
Max person 3
Cleat standard
Storeroom optional
Hull material fiberglass
Advisable motor up to 4 hp
Category D
Draught 0,20 m
Garantii 2 years

Floatage is a secure with hermetically closed air box what be located in boat aft and afore.Boat stability guaranteed sand inside the frog.

Paadi stabiilsuse annab kiilu sisse valatud liiv.

“Arabella 420″ is a rowboat that stern you can fix 4 hp motor. Biggest plus are good floatage in the case of big waves and bout have fast gliding in water. First of all it is inland bout.

* standard equipment (oarlock, oarlock cell, hook and cleat) Feel free to ask
* with optional (storeroom) Feel free to ask